Road Gang for Hire

Living on the Rock Farm brings us so much pleasure and enjoyment that we often forget some of the other disadvantages of living at the end of a gravel road.  Whilst our gravel road provides us with a quiet refuge from the pace of modern society, it is not on the local Council’s regular maintenance schedule.   And whilst the recent wet weather has been welcomed on the Rock Farm, it has wreaked havoc with our road.

With the pot holes reaching wheel swallowing size, it was time to call in a favour and recruit a new Road Gang.

Our neighbour David owns a tractor and has a gravel pit on his place.  David’s tolerance of pot holes is even less than mine, and he regularly fills in some of the worst of the holes on the road.  His efforts are very much appreciated by all of us, but it was time that the Little Helpers were recruited to bolster the road maintenance program.

And they loved it.  David kindly loaded our trailer with a bucket or two of great gravel, and we put the boys to work.  After many years of making mud pies, and digging holes in all the wrong places, it was great to see their handiwork with a shovel extended to constructive projects too.

They even decided they could take a moment to strike their ‘best Council Worker pose’.

Our work here is far from completed.  After emptying the trailer in the worst of the road, we dropped it off at David’s, with a ‘fill it up please’, so we can do it all again.  I hope the Little Helper’s enthusiasm remains for the next load… and the next… and the next. 🙂 


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