Welcome to the Rock Farm.

Our vision is for regenerative and ecologically sound stewardship of our property, that creates an income and food source for us whilst improving soil health and enhancing biodiversity.  We hope to share this knowledge with others interested in creating a healthy future for our soil, our community and ourselves.

This website is the first step in sharing that journey with you.

The Rock Farm is a 40 hectare (100 acre) property on Ngunnawal Country in the southern tablelands of NSW.   It is home to Phil and Jo, their two boys, a beautiful border collie, several chooks,  cows and many native animals such as eastern grey kangaroos, bennets wallabies, common wombats, crimson rosellas, shingle back lizards and the odd echidna.  We attempt to grow fruit and vegetables in our garden, and raise cattle on our pasture.

We feel that soil health underpins everything and believe that food and water security stems from healthy soils.  On our journey we have been inspired by many people such as Charles Massey, Charlie Arnott, Peter Andrews, Tony Coote, Allan Savory, Pat Coleby, Bill Mollison, David Holmgren and PA Yeomans.  We have also found inspiration from the Ngunnawal people’s intimate knowledge of the landscape.  We hope you enjoy learning about the Rock Farm.

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