How to tie a Cobb and Co Hitch

This knot is called a Cobb and Co Hitch or Cocky’s Hitch. It is used to tie timber together, however has a multitude of uses.  It needs little more than a length of wire and a pair of pliers to twist the knot.  It is particularly useful when constructing or repairing timber cattle or sheep yards.

When working with wire under tension, you should wear appropriate safety clothing such as eye protection and gloves.

Step One: Cut a length of wire a little over twice the length required to go around the joint.  Fold it in half.


Step Two: Pass the wire around the joint.  In this case a hole was drilled in one part of the post, and a notch cut on the other side.  Pass the loop or bight over the other end of the wire.


Step Three: Pass your pliers handle through the bight to act as your lever.  If you have rubber grips on your handles, use an old bolt of piece of rod steel.


Step Four: Using the handle as a lever, twist the loop or bight over the other end of the wire.  Keep twisting until you have enough tension on the joint.  If you go too far, you will break the wire and have to start again.


Step Five:  Tidy up loose ends, cut off the long tails and admire your work.


Step six: Repeat as often as required.


If a more structural hitch is required, the wire can be passed diagonally around the joint, across the grains.  If you do two of these knots, forming an X shape, you will have a very strong hitch indeed.


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