You’ll Never Lamb Alone 2017

Meat and Livestock Australia have just released their annual Australia Day ad.  And love it or hate it, it is definitely worth a watch.

The MLA has been trying for many years now to create a tradition of eating lamb on Australia day.  As a lamb producer (albeit on an extremely small scale), there are many virtues to eating grass-fed lamb, not the least being it tastes delicious.

But the MLA’s attempt at being inclusive of all Australians has been (and continues to be) full of cultural stereotypes.  This ad is their most political yet – it doesn’t even mention Australia Day.  But it isn’t supposed to be serious.  It is supposed to sell lamb.

One thing Australians are renowned for is our ability to laugh, and that includes laughing at ourselves.  So have a look, and enjoy.

Time to move the lambs on

With the young lambs growing quickly, it is time to make some decisions as to their future on the rock farm.  Our young ewe lambs will be weaning shortly and this will mean that soon they will start cycling.

With only one ram, it is important that we move these girls on before they are covered by their father.  Therefore it is time to sell them.

Being such a small farm, we have only eight ewe lambs to sell.   In an area where people sell lambs by the hundred, it isn’t as easy to sell such small numbers.

Our lambs have all been tagged with NLIS (National Livestock Identification Scheme) ear tags.  These tags mean that they can always be traced back to our property, through our unique PIC (Property Identification Code).  When moving livestock around Australia, you need a vendor declaration form.  The PIC registration, ear-tags, and declaration forms all cost money – making dealing with such small numbers not really cost effective at all.

Whilst I am a firm believer that our future lies in small, poly-culture farms, our national system is geared towards large scale mono-culture.

If you are interested in buying some of our gorgeous girls, check out our advertisement here:

Our eight weather lambs will become staying on a little longer.