The last of the Weeding Tools

Many years ago, when we still lived in town, we bought a weeding tool from the local hardware shop.  Recommended to us by a friend, it was elegant in its simplicity, and fantastic for digging out weeds.  As a bonus, it also makes preparing garden beds a breeze.

The tool was a patented Australian design, but after years of use, we were unable to tell its make.  The local hardware shop has long since been replaced by Bunnings, and the cheap weeding hoes they stock are next to useless in comparison.

We are reluctant to use chemicals for weed control on the Rock Farm. There are times when selective use of chemical is the most effective method to bring certain weeds under control, however we prefer mechanical removal of weeds if possible.

Our original tool is still in good service, we decided that in order to make weeding the paddocks a whole family affair it would be better if we all had access to a proper weeding tool.  Thankfully Jo tracked down the type of weeder we owned, and the company’s website after some diligent searching.

The tool is a McAtool, made just a couple of hours down the road at Robertson.  It is simply the best tool we have for chipping out thistles, serrated tussock and even sweet briar.

The website is here:  And the good news is, it lists other pruning and gardening tools as well.

We quickly ordered three new McAtool Maxis, and somehow also a McAtool Mini.  And it was lucky we did, as we found out that the company is in the process of shutting down. I am not sure everyone shared my enthusiasm when the new weeders arrived though!


The tool is remarkably effective at chipping out thistles and serrated tussock.  It can be used either way up, with a narrow chipping wedge handy at cutting thistles off below the root ball, or a wedge to lever out tussock.

I wouldn’t say it makes chipping a breeze – it is still a good workout.  I figure it is a good substitute for gym membership!

The real challenge is still finding the opportunity to get the whole family down in the paddock for some cooperative weeding efforts.  It seems something else always pops up… Perhaps I need to find some new motivation now we all have a McAtool available for use!


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